About Zhongshan LCEQ

Zhongshan LCEQ Plastic Technology Co., ltd is professionally engaged in researching, developing, and manufacturing of auxiliary equipment and specialized in mold temperature controller, water chiller, hopper dryer, vacuum hopper loader, industrial dehumidifier, etc.

Auxiliary equipment plays an important role in plastic industry. They can help improve production efficiency and the quality of plastic products, saving labor & enterprise operation cost. LCEQ company provides one-stop solution for the plants of injection molding, blow molding, compound mixing, extrusion, thermoforming and blown film.

Originally, LCEQ stands for LC equipment. The management system has added more meaning to the logo based on theory of rather losing money than faith. So LCEQ means credit, faith, and warmth.

LCEQ have qualified technicians and electricians in design, training, application. We are passionate about creating new equipment to cater customer need on processing high quality product.

Compliance with different countries standard, safe and durable to use, our products have been exported to various countries & regions and obtained high reputation among our customers.

Choosing LCEQ equipment, you will not only have cost-effective machines, but also professional teams for consultant. Welcome to contact our sales team for a free quote.

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