High Performance Drying Hopper

Drying hopper also named hopper dryer is commonly used in plastic processing industry for storage, and drying raw material. With its rapid development of technology, experts have designed and improved drying hopper in many aspects including improving temperature control accuracy, adding heat-preservation layer, heating element protection, etc. This post will focus on how this aspects have improved performance of drying hopper. 

1. Temperature Controller

temperature controller

Temperature controller of LCEQ hopper dryer is digital instead of dial type.  It adopts P.I.D temperature control system with AT function to set the most suitable P.I.D value. Besides, it also has alarm function to take place traditional alarm light and buzzer. Thus it is new design and saving cost during the manufacturing.

2.  Heat-preservation Layer

LCEQ standard drying hopper is single layer of stainless steel. To improve performance of hopper dryer, engineers add heat preservation cotton around the hopper and an extra layer made of aluminium surround the cotton. Through this way, the heat can be kept in the hopper for longer time,  improving temperature control accuracy and save energy finally.

At present, heat-preservation layer is optional in LCEQ company as not all materials need this layer. If adding this layer, the cost will increase about 30 percent compared to standard hopper dryer.

Nevertheless, LCEQ company also provide another hopper dryer with down blowing system. The standard feature of it is heat-preservation, the picture as follows,

Europeanized design hopper dryer

3. Heating Element Protection 

As mentioned in details of hopper dryer, except for protection device for heating element, special design of hot air elbow also can avoid powder accumulation at the bottom of electric heat pipe so as to avoid combustion.

hopper dryer air pipe

It is very easy to operate hopper dryer, and its principle is understandable. What makes LCEQ hopper dryer different from others is not only the durable material, but also the innovation and improvement for the products.

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