Hopper Dryer Operation Instructions

There is a user manual book shipped with a hopper dryer. Users can refer to that instruction when operating it. Now we post the operation instruction here for your easy storage and understanding on the website. Thus, you can read through a mobile phone and E-translate it into your own language on your phone. If you have any other questions about hopper dryer operation instructions, please contact us by filling the contact form.

hopper dryer diagram

1. Installation

Before installation, please drill holes on the standard base of the hopper dryer according to the installation diameter of the opening on the injection molding machine. Then place the hopper dryer vertically on the hopper opening and tighten it with the screws.

Notes: When you are drilling the holes, please note the diameter of the hole should be in keeping with the diameter of the opening on the plastic molding machine. Please tighten with the screws before use!

installation of hopper dryer
2. Power Supply

Standard hopper dryer power supply voltage: 1Ø 230V,50Hz (LHD-12), or 3Ø 380V,50Hz. It also can be ordered especially according to customer’s requirement.

3. Connecting to the Power Source

Open the distribution box and connect the power source in accordance with the wiring diagram. Please check if the power source voltage is in compliance with the required specification firstly. Then check if the switch and load are proper and safe. Next, switch on the blower to check if it turns in the right direction.

Notes: Before connecting, the main switch and heater switch should be off!

hopper dryer circuit diagram

4. Test the Hopper Dryer

After all the wires are connected, turn on the main switch and the heater switch, then the indicator will light. Please check if the rotating direction of the blower is in keeping with the direction of the arrow sticker, if not, exchange any two of the cables.

5. Setting Temperature

Please refer to the Drying Temperature Table of Plastic Materials as below and set the value 0~199℃. After heating some time, the yellow and red indicator light in turn. That means it has reached the set temperature. Meanwhile, please observe the temperature on the controller is in accordance with that on the meter at the bottom of the hopper dryer or not. The error is ±3℃.

Notes: When setting temperature, please refer to the drying temperature of plastic material. If the temperature is too high, the material on the shade separator will agglomerate, which will cause machine failure. The actual experience will help you properly adjust the temperature. An over-heat protector is added to prevent the pipe heater from being burned.

Drying Temperature Table of Plastic Materials

drying temperature of plastic material

6. Temperature Controller

temperature controller

Note: All the parameters have been set before ex-factory, so there is no need to change it. If a set error occurs unintentionally, you can reset to the factory setting as above instruction.

7. Stop the Machine

Firstly turn off the switch of the heater. After the heating tube has fully cooled down in about 10 minutes, please turn off the blower switch. Stopping the hopper dryer in this way will prolong the service life of it.

8. Service and Maintenance

1) Clean the blower regularly (especially the air inlet path).

2) Eliminate the fan’s dirt regularly to avoid damage to the blower.

3) Make sure the screen separator and shade separator (big and small cones) are in shape.

9. Trouble Shooting of Hopper Dryer

trouble shooting of hopper dryer