Hopper Dryer Selection Guide

In plastic molding industry, there are various types of dryers. If the choice is wrong, heavy costs will be paid in later operation. For instance, low drying effect, high energy consumption, high operating cost, low product quality or other problems.  Or even equipment can not run properly. Therefore, if you want to produce high-quality plastic products, you must choose the right equipment. Let’s popularize hot air hopper dryer selection key point for everybody reference. The following hopper dryer selection guide are the general principles, but the ideal choice depends on your own conditions.

1. The applicability

Hot Air Hopper dryer should be able to meet the basic operating requirements of plastic drying, including good material management (feed, transport, hot air, heat transfer, discharge, etc.). Basically, It can achieve the drying effect, product quality, drying speed and other basic requirements.

 2. Simple structure

The structure of the dryer needs to be simple, the parts need to be easy to replace and easy to buy.

3. Operation mode

The operation mode should be simple and easy to learn, avoiding complex settings, so as to avoid the time and cost of training skilled workers.

hopper dryer selection

4. Drying temperature

Drying temperature refers to the point of drying air entering the barrel. Drying temperature has certain point for each kind of raw material because of its different physical properties, such as molecular structure, density, specific heat and moisture content. If the temperature is too high it will make some additives in the material volatilize or agglomerate. However, if the temperature is too low, certain crystalline materials will not achieve the required dry conditions.

5. Drying time

Drying time refers to the pre-drying time of raw materials before forming. Too long drying time will result in deterioration or agglomeration of raw materials or waste of energy. Too short drying time will cause the phenomenon of excessive moisture content.

hopper dryer workshop

LCEQ hopper dryer features:
  1. Adopt the high performance hot air diffuser with uniform heat dissipation wind to keep the plastic drying temperature uniform and increase the drying efficiency.
  2. Special bending design of hot air pipe can avoid the powder accumulation in the bottom of electric heat pipe to cause combustion.
  3. The barrel and internal parts shall be made of stainless steel.
  4. Proportional deviation indicating temperature controller can accurately control the temperature.
  5. Overheat protection device to reduce accidents caused by man-made or mechanical failure.
  6. Provide preheating timing device, microcomputer control, and double layer insulation drum as option.
  7. Perfect protection circuit, with stop delay dehumidification function.

The hot air hopper dryer selection guide as above is general ones. For particular cases and more information, please feel free to contact us with any question.