How to Recycle Plastic

Plastics will bring pollution to our environment if use them inappropriately. So the solutions for solving how to recycle plastic in a processing factory or in the environment become very important.

Many have made proposals for recycling plastic such as bio-degradation, using recyclables plastics instead, mechanical recycling for reuse in factories, etc. 

Using Recyclables Plastics

Plastics are suitable for reuse when we handle them correctly. There are many types of plastics, and it is important to sort them accurately. We can cooperate with factories that recycle plastic products into new high-quality materials.

plastic code

Plastic Bottle Recycling Mechanically

What makes bottles unique is what its material is. The PET bottles can be easily remade into new plastic bottles and many other everyday products. After collecting the bottles, manufacturers wash them and put them into a plastic crusher. This process can automatically proceed.

crusher to recycle plastic

Reuse During Plastic Processing

During the plastic processing period, the drainage opening material can occur. It is not smart to throw them out. So factory owners will choose a granulator to crush them and reuse immediately.

screenless granulator for recycling plastics

Bio-degradation Plastics

It is a  promising solution to use biodegradable plastics because they are environmentally-friendly. The words “bioplastic” and “biodegradable plastic” are similar, but they are not synonyms.  Because not all bioplastics are biodegradable. To truly label biodegradable, the plastic must degrade into carbon dioxide, water, biomass, and/or mineral salts when exposed to air, moisture, and microbes. The materials should not be toxic to the environment.

bio plastics

There are many ways for recycling plastics using. For a bright future for our planet and sustainable development, we should spare no effort in studying the plastics that make our life convenient, colorful, and green.