How to Select a Mould Temperature Controller(MTC)?

Introduction of MTC

At present, the most commonly used mold temperature controller in the plastic industry can be divided into two types: water and oil

(1) Water circulation mould temperature controller: it uses water as heat medium, generally based on direct heating and cooling principle. General temperature range: below 100℃, 120℃, 140℃ and 180℃.

(2) Oil circulation mould temperature controller: use a professional industrial oil which is not easy to be decomposed by high temperature as the heat medium, based on the principle of direct heating and indirect cooling. The general temperature commonly used by manufacturers is below 150 ℃, 180 ℃, 200 ℃ and 300 ℃.

Advice of Selection

(1) If the PH and iron content in the water of manufacturer is too high, or the water is not clean with too many impurities, the water MTC is not recommended. Instead, the manufacturer should use oil type MTC.

(2) If the products produced by the manufacturer are transparent or optical mirror products, their gloss will be affected by oil and gas, so it is not recommended to use oil circulation mold temperature controller.

The above is small make up for you to sort out the related consultation about the mould temperature controller. Through the sharing of this content, we have a certain understanding of the mold temperature controller. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the mould temperature controller market information, you can contact our company’s salesmen, or come to our factory to discuss with each other.

At last, do you know the right procedure of start and stop of oil mould temperature controller?

Operation Notes

1. Check before starting

·  The surroundings are clean and free of sundries. Check whether the power supply, heater, controller, pressure gauge, pump and so on are normal.

· Check whether the oil level of the expansion tank is above the position of 1/2-3/5 liquid level, and whether the liquid level sensor is normal.

(3). Switch on the power supply of the control panel, check whether the voltage, the indicator light and each display instrument is normal.

1. Start the mould temperature controller

(1). Start the pump, and let it circulate normally for about 0.5 hours to make the pressure stable;

(2). Press the heating start button to observe whether the heating is normal;

1. Mould temperature controller stop operation

(1)Normal shutdown: ①Stop heating, the temperature decline gradually; ② Stop the operation of the circulating pump when the temperature of heat conduction oil drops below 70℃; ③ Turn off the total power supply and make a good shift record.

(2)Emergency shutdown: for an emergency situation, you should quickly close the heating pipe, so that the heat conduction oil natural cooling, to prevent overheating.

Correct star and stop of the mould temperature controller will help to prolong the life time of the machine. Hope the above notes can bring you some inspiration and put it into practice.

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