Maintenance Tips for Hopper Loader

Plastic hopper loader is a kind of feeding machine to load plastic pellet materials by vacuum suction force. As a preferred equipment when applying GMP certificate, it will assist clean and planned production for many factories.

Designed for the production of plastic products, it is mainly used for injection molding, extrusion, blowing, etc. It is sad that if faults happened during operation of hopper loader.  In this session, we will offer some maintenance tips for hopper loader weak suction or non-suction issue.

Vacuum Hopper Loaderseparate hopper loader

Maintenance tips for hopper loader of non-suction or weak suction:

  1. Clean the filter immediately when the suction decreases.
  2. Replace the carbon brush in case of abnormal motor sound, spark, or current increase.
  3. Check system air leakage.
  4. Check loading and unloading time parameters.
  5. Wrong phase of power supply, or reverse of vacuum pump also cause weak suction force.
  6. Clogging bags in fillter must be cleaned or replaced.
  7. Turn off the power and restart it if the control system crashed.

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