Mold Temperature Controller Overview

What is a mold temperature controller?

How to select a mold temperature controller?

What is the working principle of a mold temperature controller?

How much does a mold temperature controller cost?

Here is everything you need to know about a mold temperature controller.

The mold temperature controller price will be big different for different types. LCEQ mainly have two types, water-type and oil-type according to their different heating medium. The temperature range of water ones can generally be within 180 degrees Celsius. If the needed temperature is higher than 180 degrees Celsius, we recommend using an oil temperature controller. The temperature range of the oil-type can be within 350 degrees Celsius.

From the aspect of temperature control range, we can divide them into ordinary type and high temperature type. The temperature range of the ordinary water-type is generally within 120 degrees Celsius. It can reach 180 degrees Celsius for those of high temperature ones. The temperature range of the ordinary oil-type is within 200 degrees Celsius. And it can reach 350 ℃ for those high temperature ones.

What combination of structure in mold temperature controller is it to complete the temperature control? In fact, if the mold temperature controller wants to reach the set temperature and maintain the constant temperature state, multiple systems will cooperate with each other. There is an electronic control system, mechanical system, liquid level monitoring system, heating system, cooling system, temperature sensing system, pressure relief safety system etc. Each system has different functions. So how do they work? Please continue to go through.

Working principle of mold temperature controller

How does the various systems in the mold temperature controller work?

Let’s take a water-type mold temperature controller as an example.

The mechanical system (circulation pump) delivers the water and heat produced by the heating system to the mold so as to heat up and keep the mold temperature.

There is a liquid level monitoring system sensing the water level. When the water level is too low, it will notify the electronic control system, and the latter will notify the pressure pump to replenish water. On the contrary, when there is too much liquid, it will stop refilling.

The temperature sensing system is responsible for measuring the temperature. After set the temperature we want to heat, the temperature sensing system will transmit the measured data to the electronic control system. If the temperature is lower than set temperature, the electronic control system will notify the heating system start heating. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating system stops heating. When the temperature is higher than the temperature we set, the electronic control system informs the cooling system to work.

LCEQ machine’s cooling system adopts plate heat exchange in the continuous work through indirect cooling method. As we all know, the water will become vapor at a certain temperature and there will be pressure generated in the closed system. According to this principle of thermal expansion and contraction, when the pressure is too high, the pressure relief system will exhaust and relieve pressure to ensure the safety of the mold temperature controller.

The electronic control system will issue commands to the corresponding system to do corresponding work at critical moments according to the data provided by each system so that the continuous cooperation work can keep the temperature constant.


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