The vertical mixer is specially designed and manufactured for the plastic pelletizing industry. This series of machines have automatic timing and over-current protection functions, low power consumption, easy operation, and small fault. The advantages of the uniform mixing effect can ensure the physical properties and color stability of each batch of plastic material. It is widely used in plastic pelletizing, plastic modified, plastic recycled, plastic masterbatch, and other industries. According to customer requirements, we can produce a variety of capacity mixing drums and install heating elements, automatic feeding device as an option.

Control Box Main Parts:

  1. Control box 1pcs
  2. Contactor 1pcs
  3. Overheating protector 1pcs
  4. Digital timer 1pcs
  5. Switch 2pcs
  6. Power Indicator light 3pcs

large vertical mixer

Main Structure and Features:

  1. The vertical mixer is composed of a barrel body, a barrel cover, a feeding pipe, a spindle core (screw) base, a discharging port or a heating device, and an automatic feeding device.
  2. The barrel body is rolled round from stainless steel plates. The inner surface is featured with solid and smooth, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, convenient to clean, etc.,
  3. The feeding pipe is made of a 7-1mm stainless steel plate, and there is a reinforcement device, durable, with no deformation.
  4. The spindle core is also called the screw rod. A machine below 10 tons is generally made from30 x 2 mm stainless seamless pipe straightened by diameter 5 meters lathe, with imported bearings. It can guarantee no deformation for 5 years under the correct use condition.
  5. The base is made of a 3mm steel plate, equipped with a grease nozzle. The user should carry out daily maintenance according to the maintenance content.
  6. The discharge port is made of SUS304, a 6mm mirror plate, with high brightness, high smoothness, to ensure smooth discharge.
  7. The knife made of 6mm stainless steel is very durable.

Installation and Operation Instructions

This series of machines adopt vertical parallel mixing mode. The machine is generally 3-5.5 meters in height. It is better to use a forklift, or crane, and other equipment for the installation of the machine, in order to avoid accidents or damage to the barrel body resulting in deformation.

1.1 The machine uses a 3-phase 380V power supply, and please connect the ground wire.

1.2 The motor must be operated in the direction indicated by the arrow

1.3 After the power cord is connected, run the machine without power. In case of reverse operation, adjust any two of the fire wires.

1.4 The machine uses National Standard channel steel as the column, and the bottom of each channel steel is equipped with a drilling square iron block seat. Users should install the machine smoothly and then use explosion screws to fix it, so as to avoid vibration when the machine works

  1. Operation Instruction

2.1 After the machine is properly installed, the machine should be tested before the first use to check if the running direction of the motor is correct, whether there is abnormal noise in the machine operation and whether the operation is stable or not.

2.2 If all is normal in the test run of the empty machine, the inspection and confirmation before feeding can be carried out.1) Clean the inner wall of the machine to ensure that there are no impurities contaminating raw materials. 2) When the machine leaves the factory, the upper and lower rotating bearings have been filled with butter. However, customers should maintain the bearings according to their own use frequency.3) Confirm whether the outlet knife on both sides of the barrel is in the closed position.4) Confirm whether the knife of the cleaning outlet is inserted properly.5) Confirm whether the inlet on the barrel body is well sealed and the pressure buckle is fixed.

2.3 After the above inspection is completed, the feeding work can be carried out. The feeding hopper of the machine is equipped with a protective cover, which is mainly used to protect the operator and isolate the material of plastic blocks over 3X3cm.

2.4 After feeding, the motor can be started and the stirring time can be set according to the specific gravity of different raw materials.

  1. A) Recommended stirring time for particle material: after adding the material, stir it in a cycle for 30-60 minutes
  2. B) Recommended stirring time for crushing materials: after adding the materials, stir again for 60-90 minutes in a cycle

2.5 Do not fill the barrel of raw materials full. It is better to fill 90% of the barrel to avoid lower the mixing effect

2.6 After the raw materials mixed, they can be discharged from the discharge port, and the raw materials that cannot be discharged can be removed from the cleaning port

2.7 In the cleaning outlet, please use an air gun to clean the material. It is strictly prohibited to clean the remaining material by hand when the machine is in working condition

2.8 If the mixing proportion is different, please increase the mixing time appropriately

2.9 If the mixing drum needs to be cleaned for the color change, please use an air gun and a clean mop to clean it. Direct washing with water is strictly prohibited to prevent chassis rust

2.10 If the machine is not used for a long time, please turn off the main power supply


  1. Please pay attention to your safety when you climb the stairs
  2. When the machine is working, it is strictly prohibited to approach the cleaning mouth by hand
  3. It is strictly prohibited to clean the inner wall of the machine directly with water
  4. Please add butter every 90 days. Filling position: bearing the chassis center, positioning bearing for barrel cove belt

vertical mixer