LCEQ company offers budget drying machine with high efficiency in good quality. The drying and dehumidifying series include hot air hopper dryer, honeycomb-dehumidifier, compact dryer, cabinet tray dryer and so on. These products are suitable for plastics material pellets such as PA, PC, PET, PLA, ABS, PVC, PETG etc.

One of our hot product is hot air hopper dryer. Its drying hopper, made of stainless steel to avoid material contamination, is easy to clear.  Customers also can choose double layers drying hopper with heat preservation cotton between the two layers.The hopper dryer working principle is easy. It adopts hot air heated by a heater in stainless steel pipe. Then the hot air blow to the hopper in which there is sieve, to dry plastic material evenly so as to improve the quality of products.

Customers can use hot air hopper dryer with honeycomb-dehumidifiers to reach a more efficient drying effect. The dehumidifiers use rotor to produce dry air. The dry air is cool because there is condenser inside the machine. Most importantly, the dew point can reach about -50℃. Customers can choose dew point monitor as option.In addition, all-in-one compact dryer combines hot air hopper dryer, honeycomb-dehumidifier, and vacuum auto loader into one unit. This compact dryer can meet customers various demand during plastic processing.

If customer wants to try some mold in small quantity, the cabinet tray dryer is a good choice. There are several models for cabinet tray dryers, differing from tray numbers.

Our company’s drying machines can meet your all kinds of meed in plastic production. Welcome to contact with us if you are looking for the plastic dryers.