In plastic industry, people always need to heating and cooling machine for molding machine. To reduce production cycle time of injection molding machine, people often adopt a water chiller to cooling down the mold. LCEQ water chiller is suitable for modern cooling industry as described. During the process of molding, mold temperature also need to heat up. Then a mold temperature plays a important role in heat up and keep temperature.

This heating and cooling series mainly consist water chiller and mold temperature regulator (also named as water heater, oil heater, mold temperature controller). The water chiller includes two types: water-cooled water chiller and air-cooled water chiller. Water-cooled water chiller must connect to a cooling tower. Nevertheless, air-cooled water chiller does not need the tower.  The mold temperature regulator also has two types divided by different medium material, water or oil. The water heater can reach 120 ℃ while the oil heater 200 ℃.