Cabinet Tray Dryer

This dryer is a cabinet design with trays in same size inside. If you want to try some mold drying in small quantity, the cabinet tray dryer can be perfect choice.

This series of dryers are usually used in all kinds of polymer materials in small quantity when testing mould. For example, it is widely used in electronic engineering, electrical machinery, electroplate, paint baking and printing industries. Moreover, optional SUS304 stainless steel tray dryer also can be used in food industry, for instance, to dry nut and peanuts.

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1. Precision P.I.D temperature control

2. Heat-sealed door to maintain a consistent temperature

3. Stainless steel pan can prevent pollution of raw material.

4. Air inlet/outlet can be adjustable, convenient adjustment of air volume

5. 24 hours timer device

6. Over-temperature protection device

7. Overload protection to motor

8. Warning lights indicating an immediate fault.

9. Drying temperature exceeds the set value, automatically cut off the heating wire power supply.

cabinet tray dryer ctd20

Working Principle of Tray Cabinet Dryer

There are movable plates and heating elements in cabinet tray dryer. After put material into the trays and switch on, the blower will drive air through the heating element. And the heated air at required temperature blows to raw material evenly. Finally, the hot air will carry out the moisture from outlet.

Additionally, the drying procedure is under control of a series of electrical elements including setting drying temperature, drying time, and drying circle. Besides, an over temperature device indicates allowed highest temperature.  If temperature reach this point, there will be an alarm and cut off the power to protect the dryer.

1 Heating Element

2 Air Inlet for Blower

3 Air Chamber

4  Blower

5 Frame body

6 Air Inlet

7 Air Outlet

8  Stainless Steel Tray

9 Heat Preservation Layer

cabinet tray dryer


ModelHeating Power (kw)Motor Power (kw)Max. Temperature (℃)Tray QuantityCharge Amount(kg)External Dimension (mm) HxWxDInternal Dimension (mm) H1 x W1 x D1Net Weight (kg)
CTD-540.372005501200 x 800 x 610660 x 600 x 550150
CTD-94.50.372009901500 x 800 x 690900 x 600 x 550180
CTD-2091.5200202001700 x 1210 x 8601000 x 990 x 800415