Gravimetric Mixer

LGB series gravimetric mixer is for mixing various materials in proportion weight. They can meet your need for plastic injection, extrusion or hollow molding in high accuracy of certain weight.

This series of gravimetric mixers use the German Siemens PLC controller control system and advanced batching algorithm.

At each time reboot, it will calibrate automatically to ensure accuracy, easy and convenient operation.

By using high precision weight sensors, batch mixing difference (depending on setting ratio size ) can be controlled within ± 0.1%- ± 0.3%.

The series of products are divided into forty-two models. According to the needs of processing material category and hourly amount we can choose the right model for you. Please note this product does not apply to powder or film material weighing.

gravimetric blender


  • Mixing all of the material by gravity measurement can strictly control the accuracy:
  • When materials percentage less than 5%, it is ± 0.1% while raw material more than 5% it is ± 0.3%
  • Automatic repeat calibration function, each weighing will automatically collate program, to ensure the best proportioning accuracy
  • The recipe storage function can store up to more than 100 groups of formula
  • It has the alarm history recording function
  • The detachable structure design is easy to clean
  • Automatic compensation function for recycling material
  • A recycling hopper equipped with a low-level switch can automatically calculate aberration compensation according to the feeding quantity.

Gravimetric mixer on floor