Medium Speed Granulator

This series medium-speed granulator is suitable for crushing waste plastic sprus sideward injection molding machine. A conveying blower (optional) will blow the crushed plastic materials to injection molding for a short time. This Medium speed granulator to recycle plastics can improve the use rate of raw material.


  1. The medium-speed granulator uses a new claw cutter with a sharp knife design, making the crushing operation more stable and smooth.
  2. The best cutting angle with small resistance can avoid sticking and improve cutting efficiency.
  3. The optimization design of this medium-speed granulator can effectively reduce the shock generated from crushing.
  4. It grinds particles evenly with no dust at medium speed.
  5. Sound insulation material box can effectively reduce the noise level during crushing.
  6. It is easy disassembly and assembly design, time-saving for maintenance.
  7. The granulator is in small volume with a bottom foot-wheel, convenient to move.
  8. High safety operation design is in line with European safety standards.
  9. Feed box with magnet can adsorb iron to the material box from impurity raw materials.


Motor power ( KW )0.751.5/2.21.5/2.22.2/3.73.7
Rotating speed (rpm )300300300300300
Cutter materialsSKD11SKD11SKD11SKD11SKD11
Cutter typeNew claw cutterNew claw cutterNew claw cutterNew claw cutterNew claw cutter
Fixed blade quantity22222
Rotating blade quantity912151821
Crushing chamber dimensions ( mm )180×180240×280300×280360×280510×280
Maximum crushing capacity(kg/hr)3550506060
Crushing noise dB(A)85-9085-9085-9085-9085-90
Screen dia ( mm )Φ5Φ5Φ5Φ5Φ5
30 seconds immediately recycling systemOOOOO
Two proportional valveOOOOO
Outline dimensions(DXWXH)(mm)650*400*1200650*450*1200650*500*1200650*550*1200650*600*1200

Note: Product specifications are subject to change, without notice.

1 ) “0” stands for optional. 

2) If the inlet and material storage tank need to change into stainless steel material, add “R” to the end of the model.

3) The maximum crushing capacity depends on the sieve mesh diameter, crushed material, and other factors.
     The above maximum throughput in PET preform for crushed material is in a continuous operation.

4) Crushing noise will be different for different materials and motor configurations.

5) The material should be at a normal temperature.

6) Voltage: 3Φ,400VAC, 50HZ