Vacuum Loader

With the development of automation technology, vacuum loader plays more and more important role in plastic processing industry. That is to say, this machine can highly improve production efficiency by automatically loading. It can feed the plastic raw material to a hopper dryer or other containers by taking advantage of vacuum instead of manual work. As a result, it will save labor cost in a long term. Certainly, the LCEQ self-contained hopper loader is one of the best quality machine with great price. 

LCEQ not only provide self-contained hopper loader but also separated vacuum auto loader, of which the main control unit is alone from hopper receiver.

To know how does a vacuum loader work, please see How Does A Hopper Loader Work?

Vacuum loader300E

Description and Features

   Features of Self-contained Hopper Loader

  • It has stainless steel hopper to avoid material contamination.
  • In small volume, light weight, it can be amounted directly to dryer or other containers.
  • It adopts microcomputer board to automatically control material loading procedure.
  • VAL-300E is equipped with photoelectric sensor and glass to view material level.
  • All model in this series can have remote control pendant to operate the vacuum loader conveniently.
  • VAL-300 uses American brand AMETEK motor.
  • There is motor overload protection device inside the self-contained hopper loader.


Motor typeCarbon brush typeCarbon brush typeInduction type
Motor power (kw)
Feeding pipe (inch)
Conveying capacity(kg/hr)300300350
Hopper capacity(L)666
Voltage1Φ,230VAC, 50HZ1Φ,230VAC, 50HZ3Φ,400VAC, 50HZ

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