Separated Vacuum Auto Loader

The separated vacuum auto loaders are widely used conveying machines in plastic industry. Their motor power is larger than self-contained hopper loader, and covneying capacity increases accordingly. Therefore, it is suitable for long distance conveying, partially because the material hopper is away from the main unit. On the other hand, the blower is in the main unit that can create vacuum. With a filter inside, it can convey plastic raw material without dust. Most importantly, the full conveying procedure is under control of a PCB equipped in the main unit of vacuum auto loader. Customers can operate the machine and set the loading and dumping time conveniently even if the material receiver is far on drying hopper or injection molding machine.

Features of Separated Vacuum Auto Loader

  • The stainless steel hopper ensures no material contamination.
  • The operation is simple because of Microcomputer controller.
  • Motor protection device increases the service life of machine.
  • Material shortage alarm can inform the customer initiatively.
  • The cleaning can be easy for the independent stainless steel filter device.

separate vacuum auto loaderseparated auto loader

How to Connect the Separated Vacuum Auto Loader

Firstly, customer need to install the hopper receiver to hopper dryer or injection molding machine throat. Next, they should connect the signal wire of hopper receiver with the main unit. Additionally, The air hose connects air inlet of hopper receiver to that of the main unit. Meanwhile, the material hose connected with the material inlet of hopper receiver will connect a probe. After that, the probe should be put into the tank of material.

how to connect the separated vacuum auto loader


ModelMotor typeMotor Power(kw)Outline Dimensions
(mm) D*W*H
Net Weigh(kg)Optional ModelsHopper CapacityNet Weigh(kg)Feeding pipe(Inch)Air Suction pipe(Inch)Conveying Capacity
VAL-700GCarbon brush1.2(1Ø)370*300*55018LMH-6L /LVH-6L66/71.51.5300
VAL-800G2Inductive1.5(3Ø)450*370*66547LMH-12L /LVH-12L127/111.51.5500