Plastic Vertical Mixer

This vertical mixer is suitable for plastic pellet mixing before being conveyed to the hopper receiver. The mixing blade is durable for small models. We also have larger models of which capacity ranges from 500 kg to 5000 kg. To reach a long-life operation and high-efficiency mixing, the mixing blade is screw type and there is a stand around the big hopper, stable structure, and easy operation. For more information, please feel free to contact us with any questions by filling the form.


Plastic Mixer characteristics as below,

  • This mixer is in vertical structure with castor wheels, small footprint and easy to move
  • It adopts vertical reducer motor with low noise and long operation hours.
  • It can fast complete mixing, low energy consumption and high productivity
  • Pail cover and bottom parts are compress formed, precisely matched and durable.
  • Mixing timer is able to set range 0 to 30 minutes.

Specification of Small Mixer

ModelMotor Power (kw)Power (HP)Capacity (kg)Rotating speed (r/min)Dimension(cm)Net Weight (kg)

Specification of Large Mixer

ModelPower(kw)Power(HP)Capacity(kg)Voltage (V) Outline dimensions(mm )ODxHRotational speed(mm )Net weight(kg )
LVM-50034500380 3ΦΦ1480 x H2600300450
LVM-100045.51000380 3ΦΦ1580x H2800300630
LVM-20005.57.52000380 3ΦΦ1850x H30003001050
LVM-30005.57.53000380 3ΦΦ2100xH35003001250
LVM-50007.5105000380 3ΦΦ2300 x H42003002150