Volumetric Doser

Color Masterbatch mixer (volumetric doser) is suitable for automatically mixing new material, color masterbatch, and additives by ratio. According to preset proportion, the motor drives precision screws to feed the required material to the molding machine. The motor of it is DC brushless with an imported WEG brand. The control system is a full digital microcomputer with an accuracy of less than ± 1%.


  • Screw is made of chrome plated, durable
  • A monochromatic color master batch hopper with magnet standard base, prevent the molding machine screw damage
  • Double color volumetric doser standard equipped with an agitator, can meet customer demand double mixing
  • The main hopper standard for double color doser while monochromatic color masterbatch optional
  • With 50 groups of permanent data memory and storage function.
  • Touch screen as optional 

Our volumetric doser add required materials(Color Masterbatch pigment, recycling materials, additives) to injection molding machine or extruder (rolling ) sol barrel extrusion. In other words, the product has two kinds of patterns applied in plastic injection molding and extrusion.

Screw diameter is 16, 20, or 25 (mm) as options, and motor reducing ratio 50:1 or 30:1. So there are variety of models to provide different 0.1 ~200kg/h output for customers. Another double color, three-color, four-color doser customized to meet your demand in needs of different occasions or fields .


Product NameSingle color doserSingle color doser Double color doser Double color doser Double color doser
Motor power ( W )305050*250*250*2
Motor speed ( rpm )30003000300030003000
Stirring power ( W )9090909090
Screw dia ( mm )25/20/1625/20/16***
Output ( kg/hr)0.3 〜380.1-17******
Storage hopper ( L )101010*210*210*2
Reduction ratio305030/3030/5050/50
H ( mm )520520615615615
W (mm)610610104510451045
D ( mm )335335335335335
Net weight(kg)1515333333