What is a robot?

Different from auto loader, a robot is an automatic operation device that can imitate manipulator’s hand and arm’s certain motion functions. And it can grasp, transport, or operate tools according to a fixed program.

It is programmable to complete a variety of expected jobs, construction and performance on both the human and mechanical mobile devices. 

Manipulator is the earliest industrial automation device, and it is also the earliest modern one.


Manipulator can replace people’s heavy labor to realize the mechanization and automation of production. It also can operate under harmful environment to protect personal safety. 

Manipulator from LCEQ company is suitable for picking sprues or product from injection molding machine. The advantage of our robot as below, 

  • High accuracy control of arms
  • High speed and high efficiency
  • Three axis servo motor
  • Single or double arms for different situation



Along with the robot, LCEQ also provide belt conveyor customized in height, width, and Length.  The robot stroke distance will be different based on different clamping force of injection molding machine. To specify the robot and conveyor, welcome to contact us with any question. 

Conveyor conveyor belt

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