Air-cooled water chiller is a kind of chiller for cooling down mold temperature during the process of injection molding machine work. By this way, it will shorten the production cycle and improve efficiency finally. The main components of an air-cooled water chiller are compressor, pumps, fan motor, condenser. We connect all the components by cooper pipes or welded together. There is also anti-vibration hose inside to keep machine in safe and well condition during transportation. We adopt durable material and famous components for the main parts to assure long life service time with high efficiency. How this air-cooledwater chiller works? It work with air just like an air conditioner? As you know, it is similar working principle like an air conditioner. There is refrigerant like R22, and other environmentally friendly types R407C, R410, R134, for instance. It is industrial for plastic industry.


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