Water Chiller Selection Guide

When selecting water chiller, many purchasers find the price differ in large scale when comparing several suppliers offers even the components are similar. Honestly speaking, selecting water chiller is like selecting a right guy who is most fit for you.

Selection of wrong model, will cause many problems such as non-efficient cooling, waste energy, or other issues. So it is necessary for manufacturer to learn more about the selection principle of chillers. This post will cover several suggestions for this work of selecting the best water chiller for you.

1.Temperature Difference and Water Flow Rate

First of all, you need to figure out how much material needed cool down. What temperature you want the material to be? And how long will it take to cool down to the certain point for this batch of material? Different plastic products cooling temperature are different so there will be temperature difference while cooling. It is good to keep temperature difference between 3℃ and 5 ℃. But sometime it will be 1℃ or 2 ℃. The smaller temperature difference, the more flow rate will need to bring away the same amount of heat. Conversely, the needed cooling water flow rate will be less.

water cooled chiller

2. Consider Environmental Friendly Option is needed or not

When choosing chillers, the refrigerant type shall be taken into consideration. It is not only concerned to price but also environment. Firstly, the noise level will be higher, if the chiller is bigger. So let us take a look at the size regarding to selection of chiller, even though there is little impact on your choice, if you want a more quiet environment and neat workshop. Most importantly, the refrigerant type is environmental friendly if the chiller equipped with R407C, or R410 etc. It will have little negative effect on ozone sphere. Certainly, the cost of these refrigerant will be higher than R22 that will be harmful to ozone sphere if using for a long time in large quantity.

3. Total Cooling Capacity and Single Machine Cooling Capacity

The total cooling capacity is directly related to which chiller and how many chiller you need to choose. Appropriate quantity and model of chiller is main factor for the cooling system. For example, if the chiller is used for cooling warehouse, then it will need constantly cooling effect. Generally speaking, single water chiller is not enough. You need to take place of the running one if it has faults or need to maintain. Therefore, customer usually choose reasonable quantity of water chiller according to their real production condition. LCEQ company have specified the cooling capacity for each water chiller from 3HP to 50HP for your reference. See air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller description in product detail.

air cooled chiller

4. Cooling Water Quality

Water chiller need to connect with water during the cooling operation, so the water quality directly impact the pipeline and evaporator. Poor quality cooling water will speed up the scaling and corrosion of pipeline. As a result, the cooling effect will be declined. Worse, it will cause heat-exchange pipe blocking or damage. When selecting a chiller, you need consider the cooling water quality so as to choose the right pipeline and evaporator.

5. Anti- vibration option

Beside above 4 points of factor when selecting chiller, let us have a look at the vibration of water chiller. As everyone can see, water chiller will vibrate while working. The larger model, vibration amplitude will larger. If require anti-vibration, you shall choose the water chiller with small vibration amplitude or adopt anti-vibration measure for the pipeline and other relevant components.

Water chiller plays an important role in injection molding machine production line. Choosing an appropriate chiller can improve production efficiency. LCEQ company offering above 5 suggestion for selecting water chillers, wish it is helpful for you. For more information, please contact with us freely.